Hello there.

Michael Shane is a photographer (among other things).


Michael spends his days as the Global Head of Digital Innovation at Bloomberg, where he works with other senior leaders to develop and execute the product, editorial, and business strategies that drive Bloomberg's digital properties.

Previously Michael was Director of Operations at The Verge, a digital publication that tells stories at the intersection of technology, art, science, and culture. Michael photographed a wide variety of subjects for The Verge, from CEOscelebrities, and cosplayers to iconic pieces of technology and the personalities behind them. He has been profiled by Digital Photo Pro Magazine, and his work has also appeared in Popular Photography and Offscreen Magazine.

Michael is a contributor for Getty Images. He is available for private commissions and assignments on a limited basis.



Email: michael@michaelbshane.com // PGP public key

Twitter:  @michaelbshane